Sunday, October 15, 2017

Just a 7 pounder for both

Dick and Jane, once again came in September.  They only managed nine fish over two days as a thunderstorm took away their third day of fishing.  But in the first two days, they caught nine brook trout with five over 22 pounds and two over 24 pounds.  Once again, Jane got the biggest at seven and a quarter pounds and Dick was right behind her with a seven pounder.  I am not sure who is spoiled more, Dick and Jane with their big fish or my family with their gifts.  Either way, everyone seems to be happy.  Have a good winter and a Merry Christmas and with God's grace we will see you in the spring.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

First Timers Did Good!

Rick and Lucy came for three days.  Rick is Dick and Jane’s son.  Rick still has not beat his mom and dad yet as they both have a bigger brook trout over 7 pounds.  But yet, Rick managed one over six pounds and that is still quite a limit to be set.  Rick and Lucy had 31 brook trout, three over 22 inches.  Rick caught the biggest one at 24.5 inches which is good for 6.25 pounds.  His wife Lucy had two over five pounds.  They were a delight to guide.  I wish them well and I will see them again. By the way, not many women can brag of a brook trout over five pounds to their name, but Lucy did it, twice.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dick & Jane Spring 2017

I first met Dick Bjorem at a Walleye tournament in Dubreuilville, Ontario.  He saw the brook trout sticker on the side of my boat as I was also a brook trout guide in Nipigon.  At that walleye tournament, Dick and his partner finished in fourth and my partner and I finished in ninth.  Dick took my name and number and brought his wife Jane brook trout fishing on the Nipigon system.  After their first trip, they came a second time and have been coming twice a year for the last six years.  Jane, Dick’s wife, has always managed to catch the big one while Dick catches the most.  These people have found a way into my heart as they always go out despite wind, rain, snow, water spouts and thunderstorms.  Jane never stops fishing until lunch is ready.  They are now respectively 78 and 77 years old.  I have never met a couple that reminds me so much of my own mother and father.  This year they did not get any monsters, but managed to catch 16 brook trout and tied 8 each.  Once again, Jane got the biggest.  As you can see from these photos, out of their 16 fish, the majority of the fish were between 20 and 22 inches.  Dick and Jane have been spoiled over the years as they have both caught multiple fish over 5 lbs.  

I want to thank Dick and Jane for making me look good and for showing a zest for life.  My family welcomes you into our family as things have progressed into more than just guiding.  My children and my wife and I think of you as more than customers and welcome you into the family of big brook trout.  We hope that you will have extended time to continue this journey of life.  You have taught me a lot about family and I have shared with you about my own family.  I have learned over the years that you don’t have to be related to share the same beliefs.   May God bless you and keep you ready for next year.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Nice Fish

Tom and Justin were here.  The fishing was tough, but Justin did manage to get one over 5.5 lbs.  Tom got a dandy as well.  They are good guys.  See ya next year.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ron's Big Fish

Well Ron was back again.  This time he was Ron Senior, his dad.  The fishing was tough, but they both managed to the biggest brook trout of their lives.  Ron Senior got one just under 5 lbs.  And Ron got a monster, just over 24 inches with a whopping 17 inch girth.   Good for 8 lbs 2 ozs.  Way to go Ron.  Ron also managed a monster lake trout that was 20 lbs.  Ron's brook trout is now the biggest of any of my customers, a new benchmark.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Quality not Quantity

Well Dick and Jane were here and it was a tough bite.  They only caught 11 fish over three days, but they did manage 5 over 5 lbs with Dick catching the biggest just over 6 lbs.  I don't ever recall when so few fish were caught, yet they still managed to get a 5 lb plus brookie with every second fish caught.  Way to go Dick and Jane!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Both Customers Got Their Personal Best Brook Trout

Well I had my first group of the year and Norm and Denny caught 19 brook trout with 4 over 5 lbs.  Norm got the biggest on the last day, 24.5 inches.  It is good for a six and a quarter pounds.  Denny had 3 over 5 lbs, with his biggest being five and three quarters.  Way to go guys!

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