Tuesday, June 26, 2012

more tournaments

Three straight walleye weekends for me and now it is time to take a rest. (ya right we are going fishing tonight) Any how my Son and I just competed in the Geraldton Walleye Classic and we had fun! We were in 48th place at the end of day 1 (there was 115 teams) I was happy with that. Day 2 was not so good for us and we finished in 69th place , but we got to pick a prize. I saw some old friends there and some of them did well. 3 teams from Wawa made the top 25 way to go guys! James Smedley made the top 5 congatulations !!!! My former partner from Nipigon also did well finishing in 48th which is where I would have liked to stay!!!! Way to go Joe and Joe jr!!!! I also had a guy from Longlac lend me hid GPS because I forgot my watch to tell time. Thanks Don!!! My Son was a true partner as he made a contribution to our fish count. Way to go Simeon!!! I almost forgot here is some hail left from a small but powerful storm cell that hit Nipigon late Friday afternoon.

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Big update........

Well I have been busy lately and will do a big post to catch up. First I took Vlad, Peter, Gregory out for a 1 day guide and we caught 4 Brookies, 2 Lakers, 1 Pike and a Whitefish.  The nice part was that 3 out of the 4 Brook Trout wre over 22 inches. 23, 23.5, 23.5 one of the 23.5 inch Brookies had a 16 inch girth. Solid fish!!!!!!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tournament time

Well my Dad and I fished the Frazer lake Walleye Classic and we came 17th. We could have made the top 10 but made a few mistakes, oh well we had a good day. Next was Dubreuilville Fathers Day Walleye Derby and I took my son with me. We stayed with 2 other teams. Dick & Harry and Rene & Dario. These guys were great and really showed us a good time. The Steaks were awsome and the camp was terrific. Both of these teams fared better than my Son and I and we hope to be back next year.  I am not sure but I think Dick and Harry might have made the top ten as I left early as my boy had school. Way to go guys and thanks!!!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

day trip

Well I took John and Marie from Pennsylvania on a day trip and John caught his first Lake Trout, it was 7 or 8 lbs. we managed 7 Brook Trout and 3 Lakers. It was nice meeting you and safe travels.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

RAIN & more Rain

Well this is a group that had seen plenty of rain over 4 days. we were camping and fishing in some of the worst and hardest rains I can remember. We still managed to get out fishing and did well with Walleye, Perch and some Pike. The Brook Trout fishing was slow as the water was high, but Dirk managed to catch a solid 22 incher with a 14 inch girth. Al and Dirk are Hardcore for sure as we travelled and fished in some "nasty" weather. We also saw 3 moose in 1 day. Thanks guys!!

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