Wednesday, October 5, 2011

last day and thank you

Well I took my boys out of school for the last day of the Brook Trout season and we only caught 1. We did manage to see a Bull Moose on the drive and later in the day while fishing we saw a Timber Wolf swimming in the lake. This was special as I had NEVER seen a Wolf swimming in a lake. My season was good with 273 Brook Trout in the boat with 42 over 22 inches and 4 25 inchers. I would like to thank all of my customers who fished with me this year and look forward to seeing some of you again in 2012. I also have some spots still open for next year if anyone wants a chance at a Trophy Brook Trout. More updates coming soon!!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Well I did my last group of the Brook Trout season and it was bizzare for sure. Dick and his Wife Jane came in the spring and we had snow one day!! They did catch some trophy trout and decided to come again this fall. We had severe weather for 2 days and we were chased by Water Spouts!!!!!! I had to blast wide open to stay ahead of the system and thankfully they went North. the fishing was tough as well, we only caught 7 fish. Well now you can tell the Lake Michigan boaters and fishermen that you know about water spouts!!! Dick and Jane are definatly Hardcore and I will see you next year for some more adventures.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ron and Kevin

Here is Ron and Kevin who came for some late season action. We had great weather and some tough fishing. We only caught 13 in 3 days but had 4 over 22 inches. Ron who is a regular here on my blog also had a solid fish on but it spit the hook. See you in the spring Ron!!!!!!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Big Pig

Well Ken and Alice came up for a 1 day guide from Southern Minnesota and the fishing was really tough as it was 4pm before we put a fish in the boat. Ken did catch a 25 inch Brook Trout that his wife caught 15 minutes later and that was rare. Way to go you guys and enjoy your memories as that fish was a true trophy for sure!!!!!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Well I must admit that Dave and Geoff were one of my more interesting groups of the year. We had great weather and horrible fishing, but they did get a few trout. Dave was able to land a 22 inch Brookie and Geoff caught a 20.5 incher. We also caught some Pike and Walleye. What really made these guys interesting was the calibre of our conversations in the boat as we covered many topics from music, sports, history, religion, politics and more. They wre great company as I can't recall having disscused such topics without anyone getting upset as we got pretty deep and it was cool to be with guys who are so knowledgable and intelligent. Thanks guys and happy adventures in life!!!!!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday boy

Here is Jacob who wanted to go fishing for his birthday and he came with his Mom,Dad and Sister. We only caught 4 Brook Trout, but the birthday boy caught 3 of them. After that we went for walleye and Jacob and his Sister caught 20 between the two of them way to go!!!!!

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nice fish

Here is one of my regular customers with a solid 23 inch Brook Trout. way to go!!!!!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

10th group

Here is Bill and his son Todd who came up to Nipigon to catch a Brook Trout as they had never caught one before. They did good as we caught 28 fish with 7 over 22 inches. The biggest fish was 23 inches and they each caught one!!!! Way to go !!!!
I really enjoyed my 3 days with these guys and we had nice weather and a good time. Hope to see you next year!!
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old times

Here is Carl who made it up for a quick fish. He was a customer 4 years ago, and he had to get back. Ha, ha We caught 8 Brookies and Carl caught 5 of them. Way to go !!!!
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Jesse, Vince,"Timmy" and "Mac"

These four guys came for a 6 day camping trip and it was a blast. The weather was good and so were the bugs. The Brook trout fishing was tough but we managed. We caught some Walleye, Pike, Perch, Whitefish and 15 Brook Trout with 23.5 inches being the biggest. Jesse caught the big one and also managed to land 3 on his new fly rod. Way to go Jesse! These guys were a real blast to guide and I really enjoyed watching these guys pitch in and help each other and get firewood. There were times when someone would miss a fish or see one and let the person who hadn't caught one yet take a cast , that is good sportsmanship in my books. You guys rock!!!!
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Jeff and Wade

Well right after Frazer was a guideed trip for Brookies. We managed to get 7 fish that day here is Jeff with a fish. These guys were going on a Lake Nipigon adventure I hope all went well!!!!
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Frazer Lake Derby

Well it has been a long time so here goes. My Dad and I fished in the Frazer Lake Walleye Classic on June 11th and we managed to hit the top 10 with a 9th place finish. Just like last year Dad caught the big one and had a good day. We have now fished this 2years in a row with 2nd last year and 9th this year I think we will fish together again next year. Giddy up!!!!!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

6th group of the season

Well it was some tought Brook Trout fishing but they caught some just no monster fish, but some dandy's for sure. The prize here for Al and Dirk was the Walleye Bite . Al caught a solid 25 inch Walleye and Dirk caught a 36 inch Pike on Brook trout gear. These guys are some cool customers for sure as the days went fast and smooth. Al thank you very much for the snacks you had in the boat!!!!! I have to get to the Butcher Shop !!! Oh yea Al caught 6 different species of fish A Brook Trout, Walleye, Perch, Lake Trout, Pike, Whitefish. Way to go Al !!!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wild ride

Well what a trip this was as John and Jim were my 5th guide of this year and we had an adventure to remember for sure. We caught 21 Brook Trout with 8 over 22 inches with a 25 incher being the biggest. John caught a fat 6lber and Jim had a solid 23 incher. Jim also managed a dandy Pike on light tackle that was 39 inches good for 17lbs. These guys are awsome to guide and have great outdoor skills. Jim is a great cook and they help out alot around camp, thanks guys!!! We had a wild ride comoing home as there was a Thunder storm behind us and we spent 2 hours in 6 foot rollers. That was a long ride but we made it. John & Jim are hardcore for sure!!!
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Friday, May 27, 2011

4th group

Well I just finished up my 4th group of the season and they did good. Dick and Jane are in their 70's and day one was cold with some snow and they are hardcore approved as they both caught a big Brookie on day 1. Jane had a solid 23.25incher that weighed in at 5.2lbs and Dick caught a 22incher just over 4lbs. Dick managed to beat that on day 3 with a 23incher at 5lbs even!!! Way to go you fisherpeople and congratulations on your fish and ability to deal with the elements. You are Hardcore approved for sure!!!!!!!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

3rd guide of the year

Here is Ron and Joe and these are some regulars here as well and boy did they set some records on this trip. We put over 50 Brook trout in the boat over 3 days including a new record 25 in one day and the most fish for a group as well 54. they caught 30+ fish over 3lbs Ron had 3 just shy of 5lbs and Joe had a 22incher. I had the biggest at 25inches just over 6lbs. Sorry, no pic as the guide doesn't count for his own blog.
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2nd guide of the year

Here is Mike and Rod who I took out for 1 day. You have seen Mike here before as he is a fishing junkie!!! We managed to get 12 Brookies and Mike caught a dandy Laker 11lbs his friend Rod caught the biggest Brookie 23 inches.
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First Guide of 2011

Well it has been awhile since these guys were here and I have done two groups since then. Jeff and Martin were my first Brook Trout Guide of 2011 and they started with a bang. We put 24 in the boat with 2 7lbs plus, WOW! Jeff's fish was 24 inches with a 14 inch girth good for 7lbs. Martin's fish was a 22 incher with a whopping 15 inch girth good for 7.5lbs. They both now have a new personal best for Brook Trout. What a start to the season!!!!
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Well we just had a Hardcore weekend of fishing Brookies as I took 4 kids winter camping they were 12,8,7,5 years old. Tyler is 12 and was my second in command and was a good helper his brother Cole is 8 and had fun. Simeon my oldest son was on his second winter camping trip and did good and Daniel my 5 year old was on his first one and did really good. I was impressed by these kids as they are tough. We caught 14 Brook Trout and Tyler caught the most (5) with the 2 biggest 16.5 inches, 16.25 inches. I was next with 4. Daniel had 3 including catching two at the same time (double hook rig) Simeon and Cole each caught 1. We missed lots too!!!!!

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