Friday, May 27, 2011

4th group

Well I just finished up my 4th group of the season and they did good. Dick and Jane are in their 70's and day one was cold with some snow and they are hardcore approved as they both caught a big Brookie on day 1. Jane had a solid 23.25incher that weighed in at 5.2lbs and Dick caught a 22incher just over 4lbs. Dick managed to beat that on day 3 with a 23incher at 5lbs even!!! Way to go you fisherpeople and congratulations on your fish and ability to deal with the elements. You are Hardcore approved for sure!!!!!!!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

3rd guide of the year

Here is Ron and Joe and these are some regulars here as well and boy did they set some records on this trip. We put over 50 Brook trout in the boat over 3 days including a new record 25 in one day and the most fish for a group as well 54. they caught 30+ fish over 3lbs Ron had 3 just shy of 5lbs and Joe had a 22incher. I had the biggest at 25inches just over 6lbs. Sorry, no pic as the guide doesn't count for his own blog.
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2nd guide of the year

Here is Mike and Rod who I took out for 1 day. You have seen Mike here before as he is a fishing junkie!!! We managed to get 12 Brookies and Mike caught a dandy Laker 11lbs his friend Rod caught the biggest Brookie 23 inches.
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First Guide of 2011

Well it has been awhile since these guys were here and I have done two groups since then. Jeff and Martin were my first Brook Trout Guide of 2011 and they started with a bang. We put 24 in the boat with 2 7lbs plus, WOW! Jeff's fish was 24 inches with a 14 inch girth good for 7lbs. Martin's fish was a 22 incher with a whopping 15 inch girth good for 7.5lbs. They both now have a new personal best for Brook Trout. What a start to the season!!!!
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