Friday, March 26, 2010

Michigan Show

Here are somepics of my show in Michigan. The Nipigon booth was busy and hardcore was getting all kinds of questions and some bookings too! Paddle to the sea was also popular down there as well. Here are some area booths that were also doing well at the show. Malcum and Ross were busy at the Leuenberger booth from Nakina and they have a great place with awsome fishing and good Walleye for sure. Also from up hwy11 is Hearst Air with their fly in fishing and Moose hunts and they have a couple of Moose hunts available as well. Brook trout fishing on the Sutton River is good there too. And Michigan's own Doug Samsal who is a Pro Guide and Tournament fisherman. I have known Doug a few years and really talked to him lots this year and he really knows his stuff and can fish for TROPHY anything. And the people from Michigan were awsome!!!! See you on the water.

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