Sunday, August 26, 2012

Girl Power !!!!!!!!!

Well I must admit that another record has been broken and this time by a Woman from Michigan. Dick and Jane are regulars who have caught several trophy Brook Trout in the last few years with me and Jane has a reputation for catching really big ones. This pattern has continued as once again Jane has set a new record with my customers Having caught 3 over 24 inches in 1 day!!!!  She had a 24", 24.5", 24.75" WOW!!!!!!!    
Over the 3 day trip she ended up with 6 over 23 inches way to go Jane!!! Jane is also holding down the top 3 biggest for all of my customers this year as she caught a 24.5' Brookie in the Spring as well. Dick also caught fish and he caught a 23 incher and no picture. We ended up with 29 fish over 3 days and I only caught 3 of them (1 per day) Ha Ha. I want to thank you for being so good to me and I will see you soon. There is no pictures of men here in this post because girl power ruled for sure!!!!

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