Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What a way to end the season........

Well I did my last Brook Trout guide of the year and what a way to end the season. I had 3 guys from Toronto Who came to Nipigon to try and catch a trophy Brook Trout. Ray booked the trip and brought John and Harvey with him. Ray had a hope of catching 1 Brookie over 5 lbs, well he did that and  more!!!!

They came for 6 days and the first 2 days of fishing were tough as we only put 1 fish in the boat each day. I suggested that we go Walleye fishing because the Brookies were not biting and they declined as they would rather try and get the big one. The fishing did pick up on day 3 and we put 7 in the boat and ended up with 17 Brookies at the end of their trip. Ray ended with 6 Brookies for the trip and 3 over 5lbs!!!!!! Can you believe the numbers as I told him on the phone it is not about how many we catch but how big of a fish you can get is what counts. The real story here is that Ray and his group ended up being my last customers for the season and Ray ended up with the biggest fish of the year out of all my customers. His biggest was a 25 incher just over 7lbs way to go Ray!!!!!! John and Harvey also caught some nice fish as well. I really enjoyed their company and conversations in the boat. This group was an easy guide for me as they were fun to fish with and easy to talk to as we had many things in common. I look forward to seeing you guys again and thank you very much for giving me a great way to end my season. Enjoy the pics!!!!!!!!
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