Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dick and Jane were here again.

 They each got a brook trout over 5 lbs.  Dick had a 6 and 7 pounder.  Jane had one just under 6 pounds.  They caught 25 fish over three days.  Dick got the most and the biggest brook trout, but Jane still managed to get a dandy 12 lb laker.  Not bad for people who just turned 80 years old.  I was glad to see them this spring as it wasn't about the fishing as much as it was to just actually see them. We had nice weather and Dick requested bacon, eggs and home fries for shore lunch.  And I have to admit, it was one of the better shorelunches I have ever had.  These two people have been blessed with a reputation for people who love fishing and the outdoors and each other.  As long as you two continue to come fishing, I will continue guiding.  My family looks forward to your visits.  I have said in the past about Dick and Jane being apart of our family.  My wife and children enjoy visiting with them when I guide them when they come.  As I am typing this for Barry, thank you for the Nutter Butters. We all hope to see you in September.  May the Lord bless you this summer

The Laukkanen Family

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