Sunday, July 1, 2018

Wow! Every Third Fish was an Over!

Rick and Lucy came. They caught 37 brook trout over three days, with an amazing 11 fish over 22 inches.  The biggest being 25 inches with a 14 inch girth.  Rick had 2 over 6 pounds and Lucy had a 7 pounder.  They were a delight to guide as usual.  My whole family met with them on their last day here as we do this with Rick’s mom and dad.  It is amazing how different generations come into contact with each other.  Rick is a fishing fanatic and his father was a part of that.  If it wasn’t for my father who taught me how to fish and loved brook trout, I wouldn’t be a guide today.  There is nothing more fulfilling when a man takes his wife fishing.  Anybody can go fishing with his buddies, but when a man takes his wife on a fishing trip and catches trophy fish, that says a lot for the man.  More husbands should include their wives in their passions for fishing.  If the wife doesn’t want to go, so be it.  But when the husband offers to take his wife, he is sharing his life with her.  Lucy is like Jane and enjoys the great outdoors.   And I am sure that her best memories of fishing are with her husband.  May God bless the Bjorem family.  After meeting Rick and Lucy in person, my four kids said, “Dad we can see Dick and Jane in Rick.”  

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